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To make an order, call us on +25407367674 for directions on how to complete your order.

We are currently taking food orders which will be payed for while giving the order through our MPESA till numbers.

There are no delivery charges for alcohol delivery in Bungoma and its environs. You just have to pay for your drinks! Call +25407367674 to get a list of locations that we offer free alcohol delivery. Other locations and other circumstances may, however, necessitate that the client pays delivery charges.

We deliver up to one bottle of your preferred drink or a six-pack for beers. We understand that sometimes you just want one bottle to spice up an evening or boring days while other times several bottles are needed to entertain guests. At Rheo Lounge we have you covered whatever the occasion may be!

Too Badd

We apologise for any inconveniences resulting from us not taking online orders currently.

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